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Instructional Strategies Idea Resource Notebook
by Beth Lerberg for CRINS08 Fall 2008

How often do teachers rush through what is being taught only to find they need to re-teach it once, twice, or multiple times again to the same students. Instead of trying to cover content as quickly as possible, (though I do want to be thorough and cover the SOL objectives) one of my goals is to cover content as effectively as possible. To do this it helps to have multiple instructional strategies available that reach all students. The more strategies employed effectively, the more all students will benefit. However, specific strategies to assist students with exceptional learning needs are helpful because they can offer a place to start as we learn what works best with the student. Within this page, I have links to various topics that reference strategies to assist students with diverse learning needs. These are located on the left hand side under Navigation and once selected will link to the resources.