editing disabled

How is physical disability defined? Several sources listed below* define a physical disability as condition that affects the students mobility, stamina, and/or functioning. Sensory disabilities include students who have problems hearing or seeing.

Instructional strategies for assisting students with physical or sensory difficulties can be found at the University of Illinois Disability Resources and Educational Services web-page. Though some of the suggestions do seem like common sense for assisting those with sensory disabilities, the page is useful with reminders for instructional strategies.
Ohio State has similar useful instructions for students with sensory difficulties at: http://ada.osu.edu/resources/fastfacts/Sensory_Impairments.htm

Lieberman, L.J., Cowart, J.F. (1996) Games for People with Sensory Impairment is a book that contains strategies that can be used for people of all ages. This could be an appropriate resource for teachers wanting to choose tasteful games in their classes. The following link has a preview of the book as well as information should purchasing the book be appealing.

*The following site has information for students who are deaf or blind as well as numerous links to assist students with physical disabilities. http://www.gradebook.org/Physical%20Disability.htm
One link the above web-site is connected to is the Mesa State University in Colorado where physical disability is defined and instructional suggestions given.

Lastly, a feel good article about an exceptional science teacher assisting students at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. The report is on the Council for Exceptional Children web-site.